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Studio Legale Commerciale Villecco and Associates (SLCV) is a professional association of lawyers and accountants, with offices in Cosenza and Milan.

The firm was founded in the mid-1960s by the lawyer Corrado Villecco. Since its establishment, the firm has specialised in assisting banks in civil procedures for the management of anomalous credit and, more generally, in the area of law (consultancy activities) and civil litigation (legal assistance activities).

Since 2001 SLCV has adopted an associated form, which allows the interdisciplinary use of lawyers and accountants for the execution of their professional mandates. The firm is thus able to offer a comprehensive service in the areas of civil law, labour law, tax litigation, “wine” law and administrative law.

In addition, the firm offers accounting services for advice and assistance to private individuals (professionals, craftsmen and traders) and companies (established as partnerships or corporations).

Milan headquarters
From 2010 onwards SLCV offers its services at the headquarters of Cosenza and Milan, thus being able to take on assignments for legal assistance at the Courts of the Court of Appeal of Catanzaro (mainly the Court of Cosenza) and those of the Court of Appeal of Milan (mainly the Court of Milan).

Services offered
The service offer, skills, experience and organisation of the SLCV respond to a systematic conception of professional activity, which assigns the central role to the client.

In this way, private individuals always find an atmosphere of great empathy and understanding and, above all, a frank and direct relationship with their reference professional, whose main task is to guide the client in making the most effective choices for their own interests, avoiding unnecessary litigation and concentrating instead on the client’s reasons for law that are effectively claimable and defensible.

For companies SLCV provides a wide range of knowledge and experience that can contribute to the search for the best solutions for the market, thus contributing to the competitive success of the Firm’s clients.

In particular, the solutions offered by SLCV focus on some critical areas of the management of small and medium-sized companies, which can hardly bear the costs of the establishment and management of dedicated organizational units (HR Department, Legal Department, Administration, Finance and Control Department, etc.). In this way the relationship between SLCV and client companies is not a classic relationship of professional advice and assistance, but rather a strategic alliance that allows the entrepreneur to have the necessary professional resources without incurring the costs of “traditional” consulting.

With the approach proposed by SLCV, the client company makes continuous use of the professional services offered, limiting as much as possible the legal, administrative, fiscal and financial risks that normally characterize the company management. All this at a budgeted cost, transparent and convenient. This is the concept of value Alliance of SLCV.

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