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Reporting and Budget Consultancy

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Reporting and Budget Consultancy

Advice on reporting and financial statements is a qualifying element of the professional offer of Studio Legale Commerciale Villecco and Associates.


Maximum effectiveness in reporting and budgeting
The spirit of the “Reporting and Financial Statement Consulting” service is to ensure maximum effectiveness in the management of corporate reporting processes, an increasingly important management aspect in light of the structural effects produced by the current economic phase of the global economy.

The experience of recent years shows how important it is to manage one’s financial resources effectively. This is due, first and foremost, to the increased selectivity of bank and financial credit, which requires companies to adopt a conscious strategy in terms of finance and accounting administration. In the past, companies managed their administrative processes with the sole aim of fulfilling statutory and fiscal obligations, but today they must ensure that administrative processes contribute to creating value, providing the necessary information for a correct management control and an effective financial policy that succeeds in attracting to the company the resources necessary for its development.

Comprehensive managerial and professional support
To this end, SLCV, through the use of professional resources experienced in the techniques of accounting and financial management, offers the company a managerial support ranging from assistance in the industrial planning phase, to the phase of restructuring and organizational change, to that of implantation of accounting systems, to that of periodic reporting of strategic, statutory, tax and operational type.

In this respect, consultancy services for the implementation of management control systems or consolidated financial statements, for the planning and execution of complex business combinations, or for the organisational implementation of quality assurance or compliance systems, including taxation, are of decisive importance.

Equally important, from the perspective of customer service, are the professional solutions offered by SLCV for extraordinary operations of business combination, merger, transformation, demerger or liquidation.

Resorting to the “Advice on reporting and financial statements” of SLCV, therefore, the customer can strengthen its Administration, Accounting and Finance Department, with the guarantee of an efficient use of human resources, relying on professional expertise in economic, legal and managerial provided by SLCV.

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