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A full-service of Asset Management

Non Performing Loans Service” is a significant element in the professional offer of Studio Legale Commerciale Villecco, that since 1960 has carried out this activity with increasing professionality, acknowledged by the major national operators in this sector.

The spirit and content of “NPLService” is to ensure maximum effectiveness of portfolio management, Mortgage receivables, an increasingly important aspect of management in view of the structural effects produced by the current economic phase of the global economy.

SLCV is the ideal partner of qualified investors and banks that address to the market for NPLs mortgage (NPL Servicer).

The ordinary legal management and negotiation of the suffering is supported by specialized activities that SLCV is able to provide in the segment of mortgage receivables, for the promotion and protection of the asset value of the bond. In addition to the tools of court services, such as activities of litigation procedures, the conservation efforts of the guarantees ecc., SLCV offers to its customers the services of evaluation, administration, custody and preservation of property.

SLCV offers the role of advisor and asset Managemet NPL to credit institutions wishing to outsource the management of the recovery of the mortgage credits in default or, alternatively, wish to reorganize the Bank of Credit Recovery Industry in order to make that sector more effective. In the latter case, in particular, SLCV offers to banks advice on contracts, test operations in banking, compliance and special laws on banking.

The support by SLCV to the Bank ensure the proper implementation of procedures for the management and development of mortgage NPLs, the constant supervision and monitoring of performance.

SLCV assures its support services and legal and tax advice regarding NPLAM servicer also to companies who take on management of loan portfolios from banks involved to their mobilization; this activity is performed in the preparatory time investment, which is expressed in the three phases of analysis of the portfolio, Due Diligence e Pricing, also during the management of portfolios acquired.

Choosing our “NPLService”, the client, Bank o Servicer, can count on the specialist professional competences in economic, legal and management matter provided by SLCV. This means our concept of the Alliance of value.

Studio Legale Commerciale Villecco

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