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The Human Resource Solution and Labour Law

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The "Human Resource" Solution

Human Resources Solution” is an important element in the professional offer of Studio Legale Commerciale Villecco.
The spirit and content of the “Human Resources Solution” is to guarantee maximum efficiency of people management, minimizing the legal risk of the employment relationships.This risk in its pathological expression can produce heavy disputes that threaten the management serenity and could increase to a remarkable unforeseen and unpredictable costs the human resources employed, threatening the company competitiveness and its profitability.
So the first target of “Human Resources Solution” is to help entrepreneur to better manage their human resources, contribute to increase efficiency and, in this way, to reinforcing its contribution to the creation of value for the market.For this purpose SLCV, through the use of experts professional in human resources management techniques, gives the company a management support that goes from assistance during staff recruitment and selection, to performance evaluation, formative projects development, drafting of development carreer plans, to design of reward systems for managers and directors, as well as support activities in implementing the same.Our professional legal resources on the other hand, provide a wide range of services, which allow the company to better manage the current issues, overtime and even pathological issues of legal relations with their employees.

Under this profile, plays a crucial role the extrajudicial ordinary consultation service, by which SLCV ensures to the entrepreneur its assistance in the assessment and strategic analysis of possible actions to undertake in relation to the multiple problems relating to labour law. These activities ranging from holding meetings and information sessions with the directors of company, drafting of reports to Administrative Councils, to consultancy activity for the daily management of all subjects relating to employees, the officers, directors, agents and freelance workers.

SLCV ensures in the “Human Resources Solution” also a consultancy activity extraordinary extrajudicial, which consists in legal assistance for the establishment of incentive plans for concluding agreements with the unions, for the preparation of company regulations and procedures and for managing of confidentiality.

By adopting the “Human Resources Solution”, the customer shall provide itself with its own “Personnel Department”, without the necessity to increase its workforce, but still relying on the professional specialized skills in legal and management subjects provided by SLCV. This means our concept of the Alliance of value.

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