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Corporate Asset Management

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Corporate Asset Management

The solution defined as “Corporate Asset Management (CAManagement)” is a significant element of professional supply of SLCV for companies customers.

The spirit and content of “CAManagement” is to ensure maximum effectiveness of the management of the Company assets, that is an increasingly important aspect of management in light of the structural effects produced by the current economic global environment.
SLCV is a partner of companies in the management of issues relating to:

• Management of intangible assets constituted by the rights to the intellectual rights (trademark, patent registration, etc.)
• Management of fixed assets (value for the assets, contracts, real estate, etc.)
• Stock management (analysis of the stocks value, process organization, etc.)
• Credit management

In particular, the ordinary legal management and negotiation of expired loans is supported by SLCV with specialized activities that are aimed at speeding up the collections through the use of timely and effective judicial remedies.

SLCV offers the role of advisor and asset managemet NPL to companies wishing either to sell their loans or to reorganize their credit collection unit to make it more effective. In the latter case, in particular, SLCV offers companies advice on contracts and compliance with Italian laws, either general or special.

SLCV also offers an innovative form of organizational integration with the legal departments of companies customers. Our technology infrastructure, along with our operating procedures, allows the companies customer a real time access to electronic information on the status of procedures, remaining constantly updated on the credit recovery activities in order to control in an easy and direct way the services made by our professionals.

The CAManagement is provided to client companies throughout the country, thanks to a widespread network of correspondents that, under the coordination of the SLCV offices placed in Milan and Cosenza, can reach every local court from North to South Italy.
The support to the companies offered by SLCV, therefore, ensures the effective enhancement of their credit management, and the constant supervision and monitoring of performance.

Therefore, by choosing our solution “CAManagement “, the company customer can count on the specialist skills in economics, legal and management provided by SLCV. This is the meaning of our concept of the Alliance of Value.

In addition to solving the Corporate Asset Management, Studio Legale Commerciale Villecco & Associati provides ongoing assistance with the other following professional solutions:
Labour and Employment Law
Financial Reporting

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