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Extraordinary Out-Of-Court Advice

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Extraordinary Out-Of-Court Advice

• Legal assistance in procedures for collective redundancies, Cigs and Cigo, company transfers (including in crisis), bankruptcy procedures, restructuring, internal audits and due diligence relating to acquisitions, mergers and listings;
• legal assistance, for labour law aspects, in the preparation of incentive plans for staff, top managers and directors and stock option plans;
• preparation of specific agreements to cope with the crisis (agreements on: termination of employment, unpaid leave, reduction of remuneration, review/revocation of benefits and bonuses, etc.);
• legal assistance in the stipulation of trade union and second-level agreements aimed at regulating legislative innovations and those introduced by the various C.C.N.L. (working time, breaks and weekly rest, fixed-term contracts, flexibility);
• legal assistance in the preparation of company regulations, procedures for the management of confidentiality, the use of IT tools and e-mail, codes of conduct, codes of ethics and disciplinary codes;
• legal assistance in setting up specific company procedures to manage and deal with cases of mobbing, discrimination, sexual harassment or to implement a dress code;
• legal assistance in the implementation of privacy and supplementary pension legislation, including the drafting of any multi-party agreements for employees and managers.

Studio Legale Commerciale Villecco

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