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Ordinary Out-Of-Court Advice

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Ordinary Out-Of-Court Advice

Assistance in the preventive and strategic assessment of possible actions to be taken in relation to multiple labour law issues, which may include the following services:

• meetings and information sessions with the client;
• drafting opinions (excluding those dealing with particularly complex issues);
• consultancy services for the management of all issues relating to employees, managers, administrators, agents and self-employed collaborators;
• revision of employment and self-employment contracts, in compliance with the relevant CCNLs;
• preparation of new contract models, also with reference to the types of contract introduced with the reform of the labour market contained in Legislative Decree no. 276 of 10 September 2003 and subsequent amendments, such as the “c.”;
• drafting agreements to modify the contractual conditions of employees (pay, duties, transfers, travel) and self-employed workers;
• drafting agreements for the secondment of employees and for the management of all labour law issues both with Italian staff seconded abroad and with foreign staff seconded to Italy;
• drafting and/or revising procurement and outsourcing contracts also in the light of the provisions introduced by the Consolidated Safety Act;
• drafting employment contracts with directors and minutes of the Board of Directors for aspects relating to employment law (appointment, dismissal, remuneration, delegation of powers, special confidentiality clauses, secrecy).

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